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Soup. Not "ttsup"

2013-01-23 05:13:15 by AL3K

Hey checckkeraoutt!

HLG gave me this cool nickname:

"Gran Slimslut"

Maybe i'll write a book with this pseydonym...


2012-04-18 13:32:32 by AL3K

How did you get here?

(lol.. such a question that works in so many places: like... prison and.. uhm.. prison)

Oh... I'm making a game, it will be out like in 2021 or something like that... i didn't even start it yet cause im learning how to program and stuff, that's why it'll take some time :P
Hopefully, I'll get it done a couple' years earlier y'know. :D

BarQuestion's animations are both original, and awesomely amazing
check'em out!
Here's a gif from the game Seed of Destruction


I'm writing a song, I'm Awesome

2012-03-26 14:18:14 by AL3K

I'm writing a rap song.. this is as far as I could get:

Song Name:
Cats don't run unless it's Completely necessary to escape from a situation or capture an ULO (Unidentified Little Objet)

Ak : Yo'

------------------------The lyrics start here---------------------

Tsup' Yo'!
Yo tsup yo!

... yo' !

Tsup yo'
------------------------The lyrics end here---------------------

So? whatdoyou think about it? uh?

Also Also Also Check my super AWESOME video on youtube, it's one of the Prince of Persia 3's game trailer


-The Lyrics are Copyrighted, if you need to use them, You MUST ask me for permision.
-My grandma makes tea every day since I know her...
-My grandma's tea inspired me to write this song, and .. of course: Cats.
-My grandma.
-Suggestions are not welcome, but I'll read them since I've got nothing else to read..
-The only reason I posted this, is so that you check my youtube video :)
-It took me around 1 hour and 23 minutes to write all this stuff.

-I really hope this song makes it to the farthest planet on the galaxy, but that's just my wish...
-So ..if you're reading this Buddha, please let the lyrics fly away! :O ;D

-The strongest power ranger was the green, black or white, depending on the series. There's no doubt about it.
-I don't watch that thing, but i used to love it when i was like 6 years old or somtn.
-lot'sa facts.
-Here's an interesting fact: People LOVE to read small phrases. Even if they are not interested in the subject.
-Colin Mochrie is awesome.
-I could entertain you all day with facts, but I have my own life, you know..

:D check my video, vote 5!!!!

Oh.. and here's an image
If you guess what it is, you win a Swab. I'll give it to you when I see you, I promise, I'll always carry it in my pocket :D

I'm writing a song, I'm Awesome


2011-11-29 22:56:30 by AL3K

I've got two words for you: Ice Cream


2011-08-17 14:05:14 by AL3K

Who did this? what is this sheat'?? someone explain me before I melt into ashes of popcorn or something.
The only thing I accept about this upcoming game is the graphics improvement, nothing else really.
You tell me if you're still a Ninja Gaiden Fan after watching this

Oh.. btw, check out my Digital Sound School Project :D and let me know what you think about it too's a pic


Finally I upload somethin!

2011-08-10 02:48:58 by AL3K

Hey what's up PEOPLES?!?!
I just uploaded something to youtube, a surprise :D

enjoy it.

Prince Of Persia School Project

I want to say something...

2009-11-01 14:41:38 by AL3K

Nothing Really...

...10 guilty pleasures

2009-10-13 01:30:27 by AL3K

Not sure how I got to this site, ten on tuesday, I don't even know if it's gay... if it is, let me know.. xD
nah, jk, I don't care 'bout that.
This is a list of 10 things I made, All Rights Reserved.
of 10 things you could do... maybe you'll prefer a weekend. But, you know the site's name.

1. take a long nap :) 4 or 5 hrs..
2.Pizaa Piza ppiza Piiza Pisaa Picsa, pipza, Pizza.
3.Take a look on Newgrounds games, comment, have fun.
4. Forget studies for a whole day
5.take a great bath and a good nap afterwards, woinkz ;)
6.Forget the cell phone for an entire day and relax :D
7.Drink chocolate milk and eat cookies, watching some old movie, like... say Back to the Future รถ
8.Wander around XLive... Play Something too! {{{{ :'( wish I had a 360 }}}}
9.Call 911 and ask for massages
10. Make every 9 things in 2 consecutive days...... maybe weekend lol But I dare you to start a Tuesday

Let me know what you think.

P.s. I wrote 10 Guilty Pleasures on my friend Google and this is the first image that I found...

...10 guilty pleasures

heay, T4K3 a L0OK !!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-05-16 03:20:29 by AL3K

I've been practicing on making an animation with ToonBoom, and... well, I made this little thing.
hurra for the day another bad-ass artist was born to annoy NG !!! yai!

Enjoy the Entire-Week-Work for a scratchy, 2 secs. GIF animation!

heay, T4K3 a L0OK !!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not an emo D:<

2009-05-11 18:54:01 by AL3K

most of the people around me started telling me I'm an emo..
and well, Probably they're all ignorants..
because EMOs paint their hari black, their face white, and use all that kind of girly shit for the eyes and they also use piercings.
So FUCK YOU ALL who say "u'r emo" if you don't know what even a style is.

I'm just a depressive person, not an emo.
Or was Kurt Cobain an emo? lol

I love NEWGROUNDS btw! ^__________________^

Oh, and TheBoogley rulezz

I'm not an emo D:<